Papaya Salad – Or Tor Kor Market – Bangkok

Or Tor Kor Market

Or Tor Kor Market seems to be somewhat overlooked when visiting Bangkok. Sure, Chatuchak Weekend Market is much larger and is the bigger attraction. Or Tor Kor Market is basically across the street from Chatuchak, and is well worth a visit.

Or Tor Kor is divided into several different areas under one roof. There is a wet market with loads of seafood. There are different food stalls serving different types of cuisine, from noodles, roasted meats, Thai food, drinks and desserts. Part of the market is dedicated to vendors selling, clothes, toys, housewares, and fabric. The center part of the market is devoted mostly to upscale fruit vendors, who devote much care and attention to mangoes, durian, mangosteens, and a host of other tropical fruit.

Papaya Salad Food Stall

After eating at Din Pao Cuisine, I wasn’t very hungry but wanted to try the papaya salad at Or Tor Kor Market that seemed to be one of the better vendors. Unfortunately the name of the food stall is not written in English.

The papaya salad is made to order right in front of you.

Papaya Salad

The salad hit all of the taste sensations one associates with Thai cuisine. The dressing was salty, fishy, sweet, sour and hot. The papaya and green beans were nice and crunchy. The tomatoes added a little bit of a cooling effect from the chiles, while the fried shallots added a little bit of extra texture and sweetness.

The papaya salad was solid here. They also sell chicken, which looked really good, but I was totally stuffed at this point.

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