Bumrungrad International Hospital – Bangkok

Bumrungrad International Hospital

After seeing Bumrungrad International Hospital featured on an episode of Inside Man by Morgan Spurlock on medical tourism, I figured I would take a look since I was staying fairly close to the hospital.

Bumrungrad is very impressive, with over 500,000 people coming here a year outside of Thailand for medical treatment, and seeing over 1.1 million people a year overall.

Given the number of patients seen per year, Bumrungrad Hospital is like a small city.


I only entered one of the buildings. The lobby is fairly big with very high ceilings. Seating is plentiful.

Wellness Center

There is Wellness Center, most likely for post-operative patients, as well doubling as a gym for locals.


There is a Starbuck’s on the ground floor.

On the second floor is a food court and cafeteria along with shopping.

There is a McDonald’s, au bon pain bakery which also sold Baskin Robbins Ice Cream, a Japanese restaurant, and the cafeteria.


I didn’t check out the retail shops or the other buildings since I wasn’t actually having any procedures or treatment done.

If you are looking quality medical care at an affordable price and willing to travel, Bumrungrad might be an option.

Their website even provides estimates for medical procedures.

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