Mae Varee – Bangkok

Mae Varee

Mae Varee Fruit Shop arguably has the best mango sticky rice in all of Bangkok. They do serve more than mango sticky rice, as they do sell other types of fruit and other fruit based products.

Hanging Mango

Mae Varee is just steps away from the Thong Lo BTS station, but is somewhat hard to find unless you can read Thai, as the sign is actually very small. The identifying marker is the large mango hanging from the ceiling.

Although I am not a huge fan of mango sticky rice, I figured that I had to try it since I was in Bangkok and in the neighborhood.

Mango Sticky Rice

The Mango Sticky Rice does look like a big portion of mango, but is somewhat misleading. You get a half mango stacked on top of the seed. The portion of rice is on the smaller side, but was more than enough for me. It come with a side of thin coconut sauce that was very plentiful. Also included were some crunchy bits which tasted familiar to me, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.

The mango was sweet, but not overly so. Both the rice and coconut sauce were slightly salty, giving a good counterbalance to the mango.

I can see why Mae Varee is popular and highly regarded. The play on the sweet and salty combination of ingredients dances on your palate like a Beethoven symphony.

If you are a lover of mango sticky rice, then this is must on your list. If you happen to be in the area, I would also highly recommend it.

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