Custard Nakamura – Bangkok

Custard Nakamura

Custard Nakamura is Japanese bakery located right across the street from Benjasiri Park, and just a couple minutes’ walk from the Phrom Phong BTS station.

It is located down a street that looks like a wide alley full of restaurants and stores that are mainly Japanese in nature.  It’s like a little J-town.

The bakery is very small, and does not hold that many people.  When you enter the store, there is a stack of trays and tongs to the left.  Pick up one of each, and try and maneuver your way through the store to pick out your selections.  There were about 6 customers in the store on my visit, and the place felt very crowded as it was difficult to move, and impossible to get by people due to the narrow aisles.

Tonkatsu Sandwich

The Tonkatsu sandwich was pre-made and pre-packaged, but the breaded pork cutlet remained fairly crunchy.  The pork was meaty with no fat or gristle. There was not a lot tonkatsu sauce which was much appreciated.  The bread was soft, but held up well despite the sauce and fried pork.  This was a really good sandwich at a good price.

Cream Puff

The Cream Puff had a slightly sweet, crunchy topping.  The cream puff was light, and the filling somewhat pudding like which I like.  The cream puff as a whole, is not crispy and crunchy like you would find at Beard Papa, but it was still good.

Chocolate Custard Bun

The Chocolate Custard Bun contained a pudding like filling, which was on the sweeter side.  There was a generous amount of filling though.  The bread was a little heavier than the cream puff, but was still relatively light.

Custard Nakamura is a solid choice if looking for a Japanese bakery in Bangkok, but they fail in comparison to the bakeries in Tokyo.

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