Asiana Economy Meals – Manila to Los Angeles

The flights home from Manila to Los Angeles were less entertaining. There were no overhead leaks which required a tape job akin to wrapping a mummy.

Like my flights on the way to Manila, the air conditioner was turned on full blast for the first and last 30-40 minutes of each flight, and headsets were taken away about 40 minutes before landing, yet the entertainment system continued to work perfectly fine. For maximum enjoyment of the entertainment system, you should bring your own headphones.


On the flight from Manila to Seoul, I chose the bibimbap, which should be South Korea’s national dish according to chef Edward Lee.

The dish was not presented as nicely as you would find in a restaurant, or business or first class. The rice was overcooked and kind of pasty. The vegetables weren’t as crunchy as one would like, but the pickled vegetables added a nice acidity. The beef was well cooked, but wished the portion would have been bigger. The soup was not to my liking as it contained dried salted fish. The kimchi was perfectly acceptable. The fruit was a little under ripe. An acceptable meal, but I have had better and worse in economy.

On the flight from Seoul to Los Angeles, two meals were served.

Chicken with Cheese Sauce

The first meal was chicken, which was rather pale, in a cheese sauce topped with French fries. The chicken was tender, and the sauce was actually not too bad. The fries could have been crisper, but that would be nearly impossible for a reheated meal. The salad contained bay shrimp with just a little too much mayo for my liking. Dessert was a yellow cake with a whipped pudding type topping dusted in cocoa powder. Like many Asian desserts, it wasn’t too sweet. I did not eat the bread.

Chicken & Pasta

The second meal consisted of pasta. There was penne pasta in a cream sauce, which could have used more salt. It was paired with chicken in a marinara sauce. The salad consisted of a lettuce leaf and tomato with an apple mayo salad. Dessert consisted of a yellow cake. Once again I did not eat the bread.

Meals in economy on Asiana are perfectly edible. They are not gourmet by any means, and I don’t expect it to be. Portion sizes are quite decent however.

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