Miascor Lounge – Manila Airport

Upon my departure from the Hyatt City of Dream Manila, I took Uber to the airport. The fare was super reasonable at under $3.

When arriving at Ninoy Aquino International Airport, there are two entrances to the airport. One is for “Overseas Filipino Workers” (OFW), while the other is for passengers.

Miascor Lounge Invitation
Miascor Lounge Invitation

Once entering the airport, I went to the Asiana counter, where I was immediately helped. I was given a lounge invitation. Asiana does not have a lounge, and uses the Misacor Lounge.

Miascor Lounge Signage

After finding my way to the lounge, I noted that it is a contract lounge used by many airlines.

Miascor Lounge Entrance

There is a glass entryway. Upon presenting my lounge invitation, I was invited in and pointed to the right.


The bathroom is located to the right. It is on the smaller side, but relatively clean.

Business Center

There is a small business center with a lonely computer.

The food set-up is actually quite decent, with a refrigerator full of drinks, salad, and crudité; crackers and snacks; soup; several hot dishes; and sandwiches and desserts.

The lounge is very small, and was nearly filled to capacity throughout my time there.

The scariest thing about the lounge may have been the furniture. It felt like dorm room furniture that was at least 30 years old.

The food spread was pleasantly surprising, but the lounge being filled to capacity and worn furniture doesn’t make this the most comfortable lounge.

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