Manila Cathedral

Manila Cathedral

The Manila Cathedral is located in the Intramuros district of Manila.

Plaza De Roma
Plaza De Roma
Plaza De Roma

There is a small park located in front of the cathedral.

The structure was initially a parish church in 1571, and was raised to the level of cathedral in 1579. An ew structure was built and consecrated in 1581. That structure was burnt in 1583, and a second cathedral was built in 1592. Unfortunately, the cathedral was destroyed by an earthquake in 1600.

A third cathedral was built in 1614, but was destroyed by another earthquake in 1645. A fourth cathedral was built, but it sustained severe damages by earthquakes in 1863 and 1880. The cathedral was destroyed during World War II.

The present cathedral was completed in 1958. The cathedral has had papal visits from Pope Paul VI, Pope John Paul II, and Pope Francis.

The cathedral is rather large inside. There were a lot of people in the main area of the church, so I did not want to take a lot of pictures in that area.


There is a small courtyard on the left side of the cathedral with a small garden.

If in the Intramuros area, the Manila Cathedral is definitely worth a visit.

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