Asiana Airlines: Seoul to Manila – Economy

Asiana Airlines
Flight OZ 703
Seoul to Manila
Departs: 7:50 PM, Arrives 10:45 PM

This flight was operated by an A330. Boarding started about 20 minutes late. Once boarding had completed, we were delayed another 45 minutes or so. The flight finally departed close to 9:00 PM.

Pillow & Blanket

Like my flight from LA to Seoul, a pillow and blanket was already waiting at my seat.

Chicken Meal

A little over an hour into the flight a meal was served. It consisted of a red cabbage slaw with sausage, chicken in a cream of mushroom type sauce with vegetables, a roll, and a cream type cake with cocoa powder.

Intermittently throughout the flight something was rattling from overhead. It sounded like a bunch of rocks were rolling around in the overhead bins.

The rattling noise became somewhat more frequent as the flight went on.

Cabin “First Aid”

During the final descent, something started leaking from overhead and onto a passengers head. I am not sure what it was. She called over a flight attendant. It was just a matter of minutes before a whole team of flight attendant were packing paper towels over the leaking substance and were putting packing tape over the paper towels.

“Mummified” Cabin

In the end, the leak was stopped, but the plane looked like a mummy. I am not sure if this has happened before on this plane, but the rattling noise was rather obvious.

Besides being delayed for over an hour, and the noise/leaking incident, the flight was rather uneventful and one of the few direct flights from Seoul to Manila.

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