Star Alliance Business Class Lounge LAX

Star Alliance Business Class Lounge
Star Alliance Business Class Lounge

I last visited the Star Alliance Business Class Lounge at LAX in 2014. All of my international flights since then have either left out of Terminal 7, and I had one flight on KLM but have no Sky Team status.

The lounge is one floor up from the main terminal floor. The lounge has a stunning, but simple exterior with clear and elegant signage. After presenting my boarding pass, I was quickly admitted.

Reception Desk

Once entering the lounge, there is a desk to the left with agents there to help with any questions or problems you may encounter.


The lounge is separated into several different spaces. One room has a library theme.

“Hollywood” Room

Another space features the iconic Hollywood sign.

Main Room
Main Room
Main Room

The main room of the lounge features plenty of seating which is well spaced, and doesn’t give you a cramped feeling. There is a magazine and newspaper rack.  There is additional seating on the opposite side of the newspaper rack, along with a bar.

Dining Room

The dining room is a fairly small space, but was relatively empty during my visit. The most stunning feature is the wine wall.

The food in the lounge consisted of bread and bagels, different types of salads, juices, cereal, eggs, sausage, roasted tomatoes, bacon, and quiche.

Soda Fountain

There is a soda fountain.

There is also a noodle bar.

Espresso Machine

There is also an espresso machine.

Media Room

There is a media room with a large TV and a fair amount of seating. The room is dark, which would make watching TV more pleasant.

Shower Suites

The lounge does feature shower suites; however, I did not take advantage of this. After having left my watch in the shows room last time, I was hesitant to use it again, LOL.


One of the best and distinguishing features about the lounge is the terrace. There is plenty of seating. There is a water feature on the back wall, some outdoor heaters, and bar seating. Plane spotting is fabulous from out here.

The Star Alliance Business Class Lounge at LAX is one of the better lounges that I have been to in the US. The space is large and inviting, with plenty of seating in a comfortable atmosphere. The food is a large upgrade compared to most domestic lounges, and offers something for all tastes.

This is a great place to relax before boarding a long flight.

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