Lufthansa First Class Terminal – Frankfurt

Lufthansa First Class Terminal

I had last visited the Lufthansa First Class Terminal at the Frankfurt Airport last year. Since we had stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn at the airport, it was about a 10-minute walk to the First Class Terminal.

Ground Floor Lobby
Ground Floor Lobby

We entered on the ground floor, which has a small unmanned lobby and an elevator to take you to the second floor. Previously we had taken a car to the terminal, which drops you off at the “official” lobby.

Reception Desk

The lobby is fairly spacious for being in such a secluded place. The reception desk had four agents to help customers that may require assistance.

We were greeted by another agent and directed to the security area. We were through security in a matter of minutes, and invited into the lounge.

The lounge appeared to be a little more crowded compared to the last visit. The lounge is actually quite big or the number of people that have access to it. I think it might be to provide a more exclusive feel for first class passengers.

Restaurant Menu

Since our flight was scheduled to leave at 10:15, breakfast was still being served in the restaurant. The menu appeared to be unchanged from our prior visit.

In addition to the menu, there is a small buffet. The quality of ingredients is top notch, and I don’t think an extensive buffet is necessary.

We didn’t really explore the lounge too much, as we didn’t have much time before we departed.


We did pick up some Lufthansa ducks however.

Ride to Plane
Ride to Plane

We were driven to the plane in a Porsche Cayenne. Unlike our prior visit, we were the only ones in the vehicle which made it a much nicer ride. Sadly, the ride to the plane was very short, unlike our prior visit.

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