Lufthansa Business Class: Brussels to Frankfurt


LH 1017
Brussels to Frankfurt
Departs: 6:05 PM, Arrives: 7:10 PM
Seat 1A


After leaving The Loft lounge and headed to the gate, our plane was already waiting at the gate.

Business Class Seat

Like our flight from Madrid, I was seated in seat 1A.


A small bag of pretzels was offered pre-departure; however, no drinks were offered.


Even on a flight scheduled for little over an hour, a light meal was served. There was pastrami served with horseradish, which was pretty good. There was some type of white fish, which was dry and had no taste. There was also some pickled radish. Dessert consisted of pistachio cake, which had way too much almond extract and was not very good.


A chocolate bar was then given post-meal.

Service was pleasant throughout the flight. Drinks were served once we were up in the air and refills were offered. Although I applaud Lufthansa for serving a meal on such a short flight, given the quality I would say they would almost be better off not serving a meal.

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