Casa Guedas – Porto, Portugal

Casa Guedas

Casa Guedas is known far and wide for their roasted pork sandwiches. Although there are operating hours on the door, this appears to be an “approximation” of their hours, especially their opening hours of 8:30 AM.

We were hoping to hit this place up before heading to the airport, and had to wait a good 40 minutes after their stated opening hours of 8:30 AM to dive in.

The restaurant is very simple, and the front of the restaurant is very tiny.

The owner seems like a nice guy, but a little rough around the edges, especially early in the morning.

Roast Pork

A nice roast pork greets you at the counter.


There is a patio area with a few tables for patrons to enjoy their meal.

Sande de Pernil

The Sande de Pernil is a roast pork sandwich. The pork is thinly shaved, and the amount of pork is plentiful. The pork is tender and juicy.

Sande de Pernil com Presunto

The Sande de Pernil com Presunto combines the same roasted pork with Parma ham. The Parma ham added a nice saltiness to the sandwich.

Something must have gotten lost in translation as we wanted cheese on both sandwiches, but they came without cheese. We didn’t really realize this until we were nearly finished, as the sandwiches are that good. Oh well, it just means that another trip to Porto is in order, LOL.

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