Padaria Ribeiro – Porto, Portugal


Padaria Ribeiro is a small bakery that seems to have a constant flow of customers. We arrived shortly before closing time, so the choices were limited and we had to get our pastries to go.

The item that drew me to Padaria Ribeiro was the wine soaked croissant. The thought of the pastry sounded very intriguing and appetizing.


The wine soaked croissants were very different than the French croissants. The pastry was more bread like, instead of flaky and buttery. The bottom of the croissants were soaked in a mixture of white port and sugar. The alcohol could certainly be ascertained, but the soaking liquid was rather sweet.

The Portuguese egg tart (nata) was flaky, with a nice burnt custard. The nata was also on the sweeter side, which seems to be a recurring theme with pastries and desserts in Portugal.

The bolos de arroz integral is a rice cake that was more muffin like. The cake had a slight crunchy texture due to the rice. The cake was a tad on the dry side, but still a solid choice.

The brigadeiro is truffle like. It is made with condensed milk, cocoa powder, butter and chocolate sprinkles. The brigadeiro was rich and creamy, and the chocolate sprinkles added a slight textural contrast.

I would like to come back here earlier in the day to see their entire menu and try out more pastries. I think coming so late in the day, we were kind of stuck with the leftovers and things weren’t at their peak.

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