Graham’s Port Wine Tour – Porto, Portugal


I had read online about the great job that the Concierge desk does at the Intercontinental Porto, and could arrange a tour at Graham’s, which is famous for their port.

After speaking with the concierge, they made a call to Graham’s to see if they could accommodate us, and was told that they could.

After making the trek to Graham’s, which has a great view of the Douro River and the city, we entered through the main entrance. The receptionist had noted that the Intercontinental had called, and had our names on file.

We arrived a little bit late, and was told to have a seat in the lobby and someone would come and get us. After several minutes, a group of people exited from a room, which apparently is a movie on the history of Graham’s.

We were then taken on a tour of the winery. The tour took 30-40 minutes, and finished up in the cellar, where they have a vertical collection of their ports.

Then it was on to the tasting room, where numerous awards are proudly displayed, as well as bottles of wine. This includes a special edition port specially made for Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday.

While the other people on the tour did their wine tasting at tables, we were seated in a separate area with gorgeous views of the Douro River. This apparently the arrangement the Intercontinental has with Graham’s.

We were also provided a complimentary tasting, that was not part of their normal tasting menu. We were given tastings of the Graham’s Six Grapes port, along with the 10 and 20 year-old tawny ports. It was their Premium Tawny Tasting (€15) except the “Graham’s The Tawny” was replaced with the Graham’s Six Grapes port.

I would have done the tour of Graham’s on my own, but having the Intercontinental provide this as an undisclosed benefit of staying at the Intercontinental made the tour even more special.

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