Ze Bota – Porto, Portugal

Ze Bota

Ze Bota is a tapas restaurant that is highly regarded by locals and tourists. The restaurant is on the smaller side with a main dining room, and a smaller one that is located down a few steps.

Dining Room


Wine Crate Walls
Wine Crate Walls

The restaurant is decorated with wine crate boards throughout with pictures and inscriptions from guests.

Garlic Bread

The Garlic Bread (€2.50) was nice and crunchy on the outside, and buttery on the inside. It could have used some more garlic to give it a real punch of flavor however.

Beef Medallions with Garlic

The Beef Medallions with Garlic (€11) were tender and flavorful. The beef was also topped with garlic, and came with house made potato chips, and a small side salad.

Sea Bass

The Sea Bass (€11) was a whole fish seasoned with lemon and butter. It could have used some salt though. The fish was tender and moist, with a subtle flavor. The dish also came with small roasted potatoes, and a small salad.

Beef Medallions with Mustard Sauce

The Beef Medallions with Mustard Sauce (€11) were nicely cooked and tender. The beef had good flavor, and the sauce added a depth of flavor. The sauce was made with mustard, cognac and butter. Although usually made with heavy cream, I did not taste any but the sauce was very flavorful. Once again, the dish came with potato chips and a small salad.

‘Leit Creme

The ‘Leit Crème (€2.75) is the Portuguese version of crème brulee. It had a nice, crunchy sugar topping that wasn’t too burnt. The custard was smooth and somewhat runny, the way I prefer. Custards that are very firm tend to have more of an “eggy” taste, which I don’t prefer in desserts.

Chocolate Mousse

The Chocolate Mousse (€3) isn’t pretty sight, and kind of looks like a turd in a bowl, but had a deep, rich chocolate flavor. The mousse was a little too sweet with too much gelatin. Although it looked light and fluffy, it was on the stiffer side. A little less sugar would have been a nice way to end the meal.

The food here is top notch, and the prices are very reasonable. The restaurant tends to get packed, so expect a long wait unless you get there soon after they open. Service was also good, but not rushed.

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