Carmelita Bistro – Porto, Portugal

Carmelita Bistro

Carmelita Bistro appears to be a newer restaurant whose focus seems to be on vegetarian/vegan dishes, although there are some meat option on the menu.

The restaurant is small, and tables are situated very close together. They seem to be understaffed as service was very haphazard and somewhat slow.

Ham & Cheese

The Ham & Cheese Pastry was like a cross between a quiche and Portuguese egg tart. The filling was tasty and more like quiche, however the crust was a little reminiscent of an egg tart.

Salmon Salad

The Salmon Salad seemed to almost be a “dumpster dish”. It seemed like all of the leftover vegetables were thrown together and called a salad, then topped with smoked salmon. The salads confusing list of ingredients included apple, pineapple, lettuce, carrots, cucumber, tomato, lettuce, corn, watermelon, blue cheese and chicarron in a balsamic vinaigrette. The taste of wild mix of ingredients was very confusing to my palate. Part salad, part fruit salad, many parts bewilderment. In the end, I did not like this dish very much. I am not a huge fan of smoked salmon, and when I think of “Salmon Salad” I am thinking of a cooked piece of salmon not just strips of smoked salmon on top of a dish.

The restaurant became quite packed, and service took a big hit because of it. Based on this trip, I wouldn’t return.

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