Cremosi – Porto, Portugal


Cremosi is a gelato shop that serves a fairly wide variety of flavors, but what seems to pique the interest of most are they alcohol flavored gelatos such as the caipirinha, port wine, champagne, lemon vodka, and beer. Unusual flavors include fresh cheese and Coca Cola.

To get there is also fairly easy. When exiting the main train station at Sao Bento turn left and cross the street. Go past the metro station entry and keep left. It is only about 100 meters from there, close to the corner.

Port Wine, Bananas with Cookies, Mango

I decided on the Port Wine, Bananas with Cookies, and Mango.

The port wine has a strong port wine flavor, that somehow works wonderfully in a gelato. One would think the port wine flavor would get somewhat lost with the fat content in gelato, but it surprisingly stands at the forefront. The Banana with Cookies has a fresh banana flavor with somewhat soggy vanilla wafer type cookies. The texture of the cookies didn’t detract from the taste, but retain some crunch would give it an added layer of depth. The mango has a fresh and slightly acidic note that will certainly wake up your taste buds. The sweetness isn’t over the top, but taste like nice fresh mangoes.

Cremosi is a great choice during the hot weather, or when you need your cold, creamy dessert fix met.

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