Kebabish – Sintra, Portugal


Kebabish is an Indian restaurant in Sintra. It is located within walking distance of the train station. The restaurant is on the smaller side, and there are several tables outside along the sidewalk.

Garlic Naan

The Garlic Naan had some nice char marks with a smattering of garlic. Onions and parsley dominated the landscape however. This was the thickest naan that I had ever had, but was good.

Butter Chicken

The Butter Chicken came in a metal dish with large chunks of chicken floated on top, as well as some that were lurking underneath a rather rustic looking sauce. The chicken was nice and tender, and the sauce was full of flavor.

Chicken Tikka

The Chicken Tikka came in a fiery red sauce that was on the sweeter side. It was a little too sweet for my taste. I am used to chicken tikka that has little to no sweetness, so this was a big change of pace.


A small side of rice helped to sop up the flavors of the sauces of both chicken places.

The staff was friendly and service was good. If you’re looking for a change of pace while in Portugal, this is a pretty good choice.

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