Carvoeiro de Palma – Lisbon

Carvoeiro de Palma

Carvoeiro de Palma is kind of off the beaten path. Located down an unlit dirt road, its “parking lot” is immediately surrounded by small apartments. The dirt road is short, but in the dark can be somewhat imposing.

I was wandering the streets in the neighborhood looking for something to eat. Staying at the Lisbon Marriott has somewhat limited options in the immediate area. Making a right after exiting the hotel is a hospital. Just past that are some office buildings, but they appear to close around 5 PM and are not open on the weekends, as the office buildings are closed.

Turning left after exiting the hotel and walking past the bus stop will reward you with some local eateries that seem to have a steady stream of business by neighborhood residents. My plan was to eat at one of the those.

Upon looking at the dirt road, I saw some bright lights and a few cars were visible. I stumbled upon Carvoerio de Palma, and initially turned around in search of somewhere else to eat.

Then it hit me. The smell of grilled meat. I followed my nose and glad for it.

The restaurant is small with tables crammed next to each other. There is another small dining room, also with close quarters seating.

As in most restaurants, a bread service will be brought to your table. If you eat any of it, you will incur a charge, but if you don’t touch any of it no charge will appear on your bill.

The bread service included bread, butter, cheese, octopus salad and olives.

Sirloin on Stone

The Naco de Picanha na Padra (€9.90), are two small sirloin steaks covered in garlic, and two ramekins, one being filled with the salt, the other a type of sauce. The meat is brought to your raw, but sits on a hot stone. You then cook the steak to your liking.

Potatoes and Spinach

The meal came with a side of boiled potatoes, and spinach with garlic.

Chocolate Cake

I finished off the meal with “The World’s Best Chocolate Cake” (€4). The cake appeared and tasted as if you cut the crunchy top off of brownies then layered them with chocolate ganache. It was good. Better than Landeau Chocolate’s chocolate cake? Nowhere close.

The food was so good we came back the following day.

Garlic Prawns

The Garlic Prawns (€9.80) was a generous portion of plum prawns cooked in a butter and wine sauce, along with whole cloves of garlic.

Steak on Coal

The Bife de Vazia Grelhado no Carvao (€9.30) was steak grilled on coal. The steak was fairly big, was tender and juicy, and had a good beef flavor.

Rice & French Fries

For some odd reason, this was served with French fries and rice. Talk about carb overload. The fries could have been crisper, and tasted similar to In-N-Out’s French fries.

This is a great little neighborhood restaurant, and I would gladly eat here again in the future.

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