Rui dos Pregos – Lisbon

Rui dos Pregos

Rui Dos Pregos is a small café that overlooks the docks on the Rio Trajo.

There is indoor and outdoor seating. The restaurant is very casual, and on a nice day I would definitely sit outdoors and soak up the nice weather and great views.

Prego no Prato com Ovo

The Prego no Prato com Ovo is a steak with sunny side up egg, and a side of French fries. It can somewhat be considered the “low carb” version of the prego (steak sandwich) if one was able to avoid the fries. The steak is pounded thin, but was tender and had good flavor. The egg added some richness, and combining the yolk and meat juices made for a wonderful sauce.


At the waiter’s suggestion, we tried a prego that was not on the menu. The sandwich included steak, a fried egg, bacon and cheese. Although this was good, it was probably fat and cholesterol overload thanks to the foursome of goodness.


The Prawn dish came served with a blanket of cheese and olives. The prawnswere butterflied, and thankfully de-veined. The prawns remained tender, but the subtle flavor and sweetness of prawn was overpowered by the vast amount of cheese.

Rui dos Pregos is by no means a gourmet restaurant, but serves good food at a reasonable price. The view overlooking the harbor and river doesn’t hurt either.

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