Cemeterio dos Prazeres – Lisbon

Cemeterio dos Prazeres
Cemeterio dos Prazeres
Cemeterio dos Prazeres

Although we had no real set plans during our trip to Lisbon, which get dealt a major setback when our flight to the Azores got canceled, the Cemterio dos Prazeres was not even on the radar.

We happened to be in the area, and noticed that the cemetery was in the area. I would liken Cemeterio dos Prazeres to Pere Lachaise in Paris. Many famous Portuguese are buried here, including actors, singers, writers, painters, and television personalities.

It has a distinguishably odd name, the Cemetery of “Pleasures”, after the Prazares neighborhood.

The cemetery is quite easy to get to, as it is the last stop on the famed Tram 28. It is also fairly close to Mercado da Ribeira.

Cemeterio dos Prazeres is notable in several ways. First, many of the mausoleums are rather large, some the size of small chapels. One particular plot seems to have their own very large chapel with burial sites lining both sides of the walkway leading up to the chapel.

Secondly, many of the mausoleums have windows in the front, much like a house. You can see coffins in some of them, as well as draped preserved bodies. Most of the mausoleums are for entire families, with the possible exception for some of the extremely famous Portuguese buried there.

Although visiting a cemetery is probably not high on the list of many travelers, I think the uniqueness of Cemeterio dos Prazeres is worth at least a quick visit.

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