Weeel Frozen Yogurt – Lisbon

Weeel Frozen Yogurt
Weeel Frozen Yogurt

Weeel Frozen Yogurt is a small chain that uses “food trucks” reminiscent of the old Volkswagen buses of yesteryear.


The menu includes frozen yogurt and shakes, with different toppings. Unlike most frozen yogurt places nowadays, this is not a do-it-yourself place.

Plain Tart Yogurt

The plain tart yogurt was slightly sweet, and acidic. It had a milky tart flavor that was very refreshing on a very hot and humid day.

The kiwi was very fresh, and had that mild cucumber flavor that kiwi has. The walnuts were also crunchy, and slightly bitter from the skin being left on.

The portion of fruit and walnuts was also generous.

Weeel Frozen Yogurt is slightly on the expensive side by Lisbon standards, but still affordable. The yogurt provided a great way to cool off on a hot and humid day.

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