Liquid – Merendinha Bar – Lisbon

Liquid Juice Bar
Merendinha Bar

The Liquid Juice Bar, or Merendhinha Bar, is conveniently located near the Baixa-Chiado metro station. After likely stuffing yourself with the great food the city has to offer, nothing like some fresh juice to provide some hydration and nutrients back into your system.

This place has an impressive list of juices to choose from, but oddly if you wanted to make your own combination or want to substitute some ingredients, they will not let you.

Also to be noted is that they do not make their juices with ice without asking them to add it, so being served warm juice is not the most refreshing of drinks.

Two to Mango

The Two to Mango, consists of orange, mango and carrot juices. The orange juice dominates the flavor palate, but the mango can be tasted more in the back of the throat. The addition of some ice, either blended into the drink or even ice cubes, would have improved this drink tremendously during the 90+ degree temperature.

Pocao Magica

The Pocao Magica combines banana, mango, orange and frozen yogurt. Once again the most prominent flavor is orange juice. The banana along with the frozen yogurt add a creamy element. The mango flavor was present, but wish it would have been stronger. Although this drink does contain frozen yogurt, it is not a large amount so the drink again is on the warmer side.

I would definitely go to this place again to get my juice fix, but would definitely have them add some ice, as I think it would improve the taste and refreshing quality of their drinks tremendously.

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