Amorino – Lisbon


Amorino is a gelateria that has locations worldwide. It was very hot in Lisbon, so what better way to cool off for a bit.

The selection is large, but not huge.

The ordering system is sort of backwards in my opinion, but it seems to work for them. You get in line, decide what size cup or cone you want and pay. You are then given a ticket with your order size. Hand the ticket over to one of the employees behind the gelato counter. You can ask for samples. You can pick as many flavors as you like no matter what size you ordered, but the more flavors you pick, the smaller each “scoop” will be.

Gelato Selection
Gelato Selection

The thing that caught my eye was that the mango gelato was made with Alfonso mangoes, which come from India and are arguably the best mangoes in the world.

Mango & Banana Gelato

The mango gelato had an intense mango flavor, and was very sweet. The sweetness came from the mango primarily, not from a lot of added sugar.

The banana gelato also had a deep, intense banana flavor, which again was not too sugary sweet.

Amorino appears to try and source the best ingredients in making their products, which I truly appreciate. Yes, it is a little more expensive than most, but I will pay for that kind of quality.

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