Lisbon Marriott Hotel

Courtesy of Marriott

After landing at the airport in Lisbon we took an Uber to the Lisbon Marriott Hotel, which cost ~$7. The hotel was not too far away from the airport. There are many pros and cons about the Lisbon Marriott Hotel. On one hand, the hotel is relatively close to the airport, and many airline crews stay here. When flights are canceled are delayed, they also put those passengers up in this hotel. As a result, this is a pretty large hotel and somewhat feels like a convention hotel.

The main gripe about the hotel is that it is far from the city center, of which I agree. The second main complaint I see is that the nearest metro station isn’t very close, of which I am also in some agreement. I never walked to the metro station, but I would guess it would take about 15 minutes or so. There is a bus stop right across the street from the hotel, which will take you to the metro station. From there, you can maneuver yourself through the city on the metro.

To get to the bus stop, when exiting the hotel turn left and follow the walkway down to the street. Cross the street, and you will see a small concrete sign for the Universidade Catolica Editora and the bus stop is right there. Take either bus 755 or 768 and it will take you to the Zoo Metro Station.

I mainly chose the Lisbon Marriott as I had a 7-night certificate for a Category 1-5 hotel that was set to expire soon. It is not often that you see a full service hotel in that category range. Paid rates were nearly $200/night after taxes, so I felt I got a tremendous use of the certificate.

Room 914

I was given room 914, but it should be noted that the Executive Lounge is located on the ground floor. Being on a specific floor with lounge access is not something you need to worry about here.


Upon entering the room, the closet was immediately to the left.


The closet was fairly spacious, and included an iron and ironing board, safe, along with robes and slippers.


The bathroom was next to the closet, and featured a single sink with plenty of counter space.

Shower/Tub Combo

There was a shower/tub combo that featured the dreaded half door.  Water pressure was kind of low, however.


The toilet was located behind the door, and the bathroom was fairly spacious.


The king bed was comfortable, with a nightstand on each side.


The desk was on the smaller side, but was good enough for my needs on this trip.  I was given a welcome amenity of one apple, and a bottle of water.  Lighting in the room was rather dim, even with all of the lights turned on.


The room does have a small balcony. The view from the room overlooked the pool and freeway.

It should be noted that Wi-Fi is painfully slow here, especially in the rooms. It was almost to the point of being unusable unless doing basic things like checking email, but even that took a while. The Wi-Fi was a little faster in the lobby and public areas though.

Executive Lounge

As mentioned, the Executive Lounge is located on the ground floor by the bar, and the hours of operation and offerings are posted.

Front Seating Area

Upon entering the lounge, there is a small seating area. There is also one computer and a printer.

There is also outdoor patio seating.

The lounge itself is not all that large considering the sheer size of the hotel, but it only got crowded on one occasion while I was there.

Breakfast consisted of cold cuts, bread, pastries, fresh fruit, cheese, cereal, nuts, a coffee maker, tea, juice, and yogurt. Hot offerings during the stay included waffles, scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, and grilled vegetables.

We went to the lounge on one day in the afternoon when hors d’oeuvre were being served. The offerings were pretty miniscule and uninspiring.

Pasta with Goat Cheese

It included a dry pasta with goat cheese.

Chickpea and Sausage

There was a chickpea dish with sausage.

Pasta Salad, Tuna Dish

A pasta salad, and tuna dish.

Couscous Salad, Olives

There was a couscous salad, olives and cheese.

The lounge attendants, day or night, were very friendly and helpful. They did a marvelous job of replacing food quickly and clearing tables.


The pool is on the smaller side given the size of the hotel, but it never got really crowded as far as I could tell.

The gym is oddly placed, as you have to past all of the ballrooms and conference rooms in order to get to it.


Again it was on the smaller side. Equipment included treadmills, elliptical machines, bikes, free weights, and mats.

Service throughout the stay was friendly. Although getting to the city center isn’t as tough as most people make it out to be, it does take 25-40 minutes each way depending on the bus/metros. Walking to the metro station may or may not shave a few minutes off of that. That should factor in your decision to stay here or not. So, although it is easy to get to the city center from the Lisbon Marriott, if visiting Lisbon again I would choose to stay closer to the city center, unless there was a very compelling reason to stay here again.

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