Swiss Senator Lounge – Geneva

Swiss Senator Lounge
Swiss Senator Lounge

The Swiss Senator Lounge is smaller than the lounge in Vienna. After showing my Star Alliance Gold card, our boarding passes were scanned and we were invited in.

We had a quick layover in Geneva, so I just wanted to take a quick peek at the lounge.

Ice Cream

Upon entering the lounge, there is an ice cream freezer that immediately greets you.

Lounge Offerings
Lounge Offerings
Lounge Offerings

There is a small buffet set-up. The offerings included chicken, rice, vegetables, fresh fruit, desserts, bread, and salad.

Coffee Machine

There was a coffee machine as well.


Drinks were merely displayed on a counter, as there was no fridge to keep drinks cold.


Seating consisted of leather chairs spaced evenly throughout the small space.

The food options looked pretty decent for such a small lounge.

I wouldn’t mind spending a little time here during a layover or before flights, but it certainly isn’t a lounge you want to spend inordinate amounts of time in.

The Wi-Fi was pretty fast, which is always a plus.

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