Senator Lounge – Vienna Airport

Senator Lounge

We took the Student Agency Bus from Brno to the Vienna Airport on our way to Lisbon. Unfortunately, there were no direct flights available using miles when we booked, so we had a connection in Geneva before reaching our final destination.

The Senator Lounge at the Vienna Airport is somewhat small.

After showing my Star Alliance Gold Membership card, our boarding passes were scanned and we were invited in.

The lounge consists of one room with booths around the outer edges and tables filling in the rest.

Senator Lounge Offerings
Senator Lounge Offerings
Senator Lounge Offerings
Senator Lounge Offerings
Senator Lounge Offerings
Senator Lounge Offerings
Senator Lounge Offerings
Senator Lounge Offerings
Senator Lounge Offerings

There is a small buffet, which included one hot dish, some potato chips, bread, several types of salad and dessert, fresh fruit, a coffee machine, tea, cookies and alcohol.

We arrived at the airport with a little over an hour before our flight, so we did not spend much time in the lounge.

The food offerings were decent, and it was a nice place to relax and have a drink or two. From my experience, the Vienna Airport never seems to be especially crowded, so getting through security is usually quite easy.

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