Fresh Freaks Bistro – Brno, Czech Republic

Fresh Freaks Bistro

Fresh Freaks Bistro is a relatively new restaurant in Brno. They specialize in gluten free food, and most of their food appears to be vegan/vegetarian driven, although they do have some meat dishes on the menu.

The restaurant is rather deceiving by looking at it from the outside. There appears to be one big open room that is minimally furnished, however there is a second room which is also fairly large.

It seems like a lot of college students come here to study, as it is a relaxed and inviting space.

Chestnut Soup

The Chestnut Soup is not the most appealing thing out there. It has a slightly reddish, muddy hue. The soup brings out the natural sweetness of the chestnuts with slightly nutty hints. There is no cream in the soup, but it did taste like it was made with chicken stock. This was a surprisingly good dish.


The Quiche had a lot of things going on with it. There was sun dried tomatoes, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, basil, cheese and ground beef. The quiche was nice and eggy, and held together well. The addition of nuts and seeds put a healthy spin on a usually unhealthy dish. The quiche also came with a side salad composed of fresh lettuce and tomatoes.

Mushroom Burger

The Mushroom Burger was nice and juicy. It came on a homemade bun, that was both thick and somewhat dense. The bun was like a cross between a muffin and biscuit. It tended to crumble fairly easily though. The burger reminded me of a meatloaf sandwich, more than a hamburger, but it was pretty good.

The specialties at Fresh Freaks appear to be coffee and tea drinks, fresh juices and smoothies. The restaurant is a great respite from the heavier Czech food found within the city. It is also a great option for vegetarian and vegans.

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