Hotel Europa – Brno, Czech Republic

Hotel Europa

The Hotel Europa is situated about 15 minutes from the city center by foot. It is located in a quiet neighborhood, close to the university and Park Luzanky. The nearest tram station is about a 5-minute walk, which is fairly easy even with luggage.

There are a few steps leading up to the hotel. The front desk is straight ahead. Check-in was quick and efficient.


The lobby sports some quirky chairs, small dining tables and a bar.


Upon entering the room, the closet is located immediately upon entering the room to the left.

The bathroom is also located to the left. The bathroom is somewhat small with a single sink and little counter space. There is “counter space” located above the toilet, however.

Shower/Tub Combo

There is a shower/tub combination with the dreaded half door. The most interesting and frustrating thing about the shower, is that the shower head is located right above the faucet. Unless you are a child or choose to shower in a sitting or kneeling position this is quite annoying. The shower head is hand held, but still inconvenient. Water pressure was great, however the temperature fluctuated at times.

Luggage Rack

There is a luggage rack across from the bathroom.


The bedroom itself is not all that large, but bigger than some that I have experienced in Europe. The bed consisted of two twin mattresses pushed together. There was separate bedding on each bed, so that quelled any fighting over the comforter.


There was a desk in the corner, which was simple but adequate. There is a very small TV mounted on the wall, but I didn’t watch it too often.

There aren’t too many outlets in the room, and only one was near the bed.

Breakfast Room

The hotel provides complimentary breakfast for all guests. The breakfast room is located in the basement, so sound can be a little disturbing due to the echoes. The décor is minimalist, as there are tables with red table cloths and plastic chairs.

I was quite surprised at the selection provided. There cold cuts, salad fixings, cheese, bread, pastries, yogurt, fruit, cereal, water, juice, tea, and coffee. Hot items included scrambled eggs, which were a bit runny for my taste, bacon, sausage, and mini-frittatas on one occasion.

The hotel does have air conditioning, and the room actually got pretty cold, which was a relief from the hot summer weather. The Wi-Fi in the hotel is also complimentary, and was lightning fast, which I really appreciated.

The rates were about ~$40/night during the stay, which I think is a total bargain. This is not a fancy hotel by any stretch of the imagination, but Brno isn’t a big hotel market to begin with.  There is a Holiday Inn and a Best Western, which I think are the only chain hotels in the city.  Although a little distance from the city center, I would highly recommend staying at Hotel Europa. All of the employees are friendly, especially the ladies working in the breakfast room, who clear dishes quickly and replenish food whenever it seemed to get low.

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