Zlata Lod – Brno, Czech Republic

Zlata Lod is a restaurant/brewery that is rather large. The restaurant is two stories, and the downstairs is also a night club, but I am not sure if that is nightly, or only on the weekends. I believe the restaurant is a subsidiary of Heineken.

I previously came here for dinner on a past trip, so tried some different items and went at lunch.

Wild Board

The Wild Boar consisted of several thick slices that were cooked to medium. It was served with roasted garlic, and a small salad. The board was a little dry, but the depth of flavor was present, as wild boar is a little gamey.


The Burger was cooked to almost medium well. The burger was juicy and flavorful. IT came with lettuce, tomato, a chili and bacon. The fries were thick cut, but could have been crisper. The garlic mayo had a nice kick to it.

Garlic Bread

The Garlic Bread wasn’t the prettiest thing to behold, but the bread was crunchy on the outside, and buttery and garlicky on top.

Service was pretty lackluster on this visit. It almost seemed like the restaurant was closed during the lunch-dinner break, as we came fairly late in the day. It appeared that the bar area near the front of restaurant was kind of open for anybody looking for something to eat, but not hospitality and good service was not on the menu. The server who brought the check was also pretty pushy, as she basically said, “I’m going to add 15% to your bill”. If service would have been better, I would agree that a little something would have been warranted. I generally tip no matter what unless service is atrocious.

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