My Little Patisserie – Amsterdam

My Little Patisserie

My Little Patisserie is a small, but great location to find pastries and croissants. In fact, it is so small that I passed it several times while looking for it, LOL.  The owner moved from Paris to Amsterdam, which is definitely Amsterdam’s gain.

Pastry Selection
Pastry Selection

The selection of pastries is a bit smaller than what you will find at most patisserie’s, however they seem to choose quality over quantity, which I highly admire.  They are beautifully presented as well, as the smaller selection showcases each individual pastry.

Choux au Chocolate
Choux au Chocolat

The Choux au Chocolate (€3.10) is a cream puff, dipped in chocolate then sprinkled with large granules of sugar. I didn’t know it at the time that I ordered it, but the filling is also chocolate rather than vanilla. They were light, and still retained a little crunch. The filling was pure heaven, as it was mildly dense and not too sweet.

Chocolate Croissant

The Chocolate Croissants (€0.60) are little miniature croissants. The outside is crunchy, and the layers of the croissant can be easily identified. There are two veins of chocolate running throughout the pastry. These are some of the better chocolate croissants that I have had.

My Little Patisserie seems to be a great addition in Amsterdam. The pastries that I had were delicious, and seems to be loved by locals. Their prices are a tad on the high side for most items, but I thought that the chocolate croissants were a steal at their price point.

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