Warung Spang Makandra – Amsterdam

Warung Spang Makandra

Warung Spang Makandra is one of the many Indonesian restaurants in Amsterdam. As Indonesia was colonized by the Dutch, there is a big Dutch influence in Indonesian culture and vice versa.

The restaurant states that it opens at 11:00 AM, but when I went there shortly thereafter, the only people working were the cooks. I was told to come back later since nobody else was there. Upon my return around 11:45 AM, there was actually front of the house staff working.

The restaurant is on the smaller side, and has a decidedly Indonesian décor. They do have menus in English, and the staff also speaks English in addition to Indonesian and Dutch.

Spang Makandra Special

I opted for the Spang Makandra Special (€10) which included fried rice, noodles, chicken filet, chicken satay, fried egg, potato sambal, and Javanese frikandel (potato). There was another combination plate that came with ayam pedis (spicy chicken filet), and I asked if I could substitute that for the regular chicken filet and they were happy to oblige.

The spicy chicken was very tender and moist. Although the sambal looks somewhat imposing it was not all that spicy. The chicken satay was cooked nicely, and the peanut sauce was on the sweeter side. I was somewhat disappointed as the peanut sauce was cold which detracted from the dish. The fried rice had nice crispy shallots throughout which added an extra layer of flavor and a crunchy aspect. The Javenese frikandel was like a solid mashed potato ball. It was cooked well and very good.

Madame Jeanette

Extra condiments were also placed on the table. I tried some green looking chili, which ended up being wonderful, and was actually pretty hot. I had never seen this before, and asked the server. He said that the sambal was called Madam Jeanette, which is a type of pepper from Surinam.

The food here was very good, and I thought it was an excellent value. I would not hesitate to come here again in the future.

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