Onigiri Ya – Amsterdam

Onigiri Ya

Onigiri Ya is a relatively new Japanese restaurant that opened in Amsterdam. They only serve one thing here, which is onigiri, or musubi, which is rice, usually formed into a triangular shape and can be filled with a variety of toppings.

The selection seems to vary on a daily basis.

Onigiri Selection
Onigiri Selection
Onigiri Selection
Onigiri Selection

On the day of my visit, there was Salmon, Chicken Karaage, Yakitori Chicken, Kombu, Tuna Mayo, Mentaiko, Edamame, Umeboshi, Black Sesame, Plain Salt, Hijiki Mix, Kampyo, and Bonito Flakes.

I grabbed a few to take with me as I only had a short layover in Amsterdam.

Unfortunately, it began to rain pretty heavily so I put them in my bag and they got smashed in the process and were not in pristine shape by the time I got to try them.

The Salmon has a nice salty and fishy taste which is toned down by the rice. A fairly generous portion of salmon is also inside.

The Chicken Karaage sounds good in theory, as you have crunchy fried chicken with rice. I am sure that these are very good when just made, however the longer they sit the more the crunchy texture will disappear against the moisture from the rice. Once again, the portion of chicken was fairly generous and despite not being crunchy the flavor was very good.

The Yakitori Chicken was my favorite by far. The chicken was moist and tender, and lightly bathed in a slightly sweet sauce. It was like eating a hand held, portable chicken bowl.

Prices are a little high for what you are getting, but the quality of ingredients is good. Given the lack of competition in Amsterdam I don’t see them having a reason to lower prices. For a good alternative however, Onigiri Ya is a solid choice.

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