Plaza Premium Lounge – Kuala Lumpur

Plaza Premium Lounge

Upon checking in for my flight to Los Angeles, check-in was a breeze as I had one of the earliest departure times and the airport was nearly empty.

Premier Lane Immigration Pass

I was given a Premier Lane card to go through immigration thanks to having Star Alliance Gold Status. Although I am sure this would come in quite handy when the airport is busy, at such an early hour going through immigration was not a problem.

Lounge Invitation

I was also given a lounge invitation to the Plaza Premium Lounge.

I didn’t spend much time in the lounge as I got to the airport with not much time to spare before boarding started.

Buffet Spread
Buffet Spread



Buffet Spread

The food spread consisted of salads, cereal, juice, a couple of hot options, soup, and bread. There is also a fridge filled with drinks and yogurt.


The lounge does not appear to be too big, but it never got crowded during my early morning visit.

Although not the most luxurious lounge out there, the Plaza Premium Lounge will suffice for a brief respite from the crowds, a bite to eat and to have a drink or two.

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