Dancing Fish- Kuala Lumpur

Dancing Fish

Dancing Fish is located in Bangsar section of Kuala Lumpur, and is located on the third floor of the Bangsar Shopping Centre.

The restaurant has a modern décor, with a tranquil almost spa like feel.


The meal started off with Emping and was served with Sambal Terasi. The chips are made out of melinjo nuts, which are quite bitter. The sambal somewhat offsets the bitterness. Although sambal is generally known as being spicy, I have found that most have a sweeter quality that tends to overpower any heat associated with it, and this sambal was no different.

Tahu Telur

The Tahu Telur is a tower of tofu and flossy egg mixture. The end result is interesting. Crunchy on the outside with large chunks of soft tofu inside. I could not distinguish any distinct egg flavor. The dish is served with a somewhat sweet sauce.

Dancing Fish (Nila Goreng)

The Dancing Fish (Nila Goreng) is their signature dish. It certainly looks imposing. This is a skinned fish that has been fileted off of the bone then deep fried. The end result is a crispy fish with a dragon-like appearance. The dish certainly gets a lot of attention, but it seems like too much of the fish has to be removed in order for it to get this appearance. This results in much less fish, and most of it ends up like hard fish jerky or croutons and is almost inedible. I don’t think sacrificing all of that good fish is worth the end product.


The Rendang is a beef curry dish cooked in coconut milk and spices. Although this is said to be a spicy hot dish, almost all versions that I have had have not been very spicy. This version was no different despite the addition of chili’s on top of the dish. Despite the lack of heat, this was still a good dish.

I can see why Dancing Fish has gotten a lot of attention. The décor is somewhat upscale and trendy, and it attracts that kind of crowd. The food is pretty solid. Although the “dancing fish” is Instagram worthy, to me it was more style over substance. I’d rather give up the “food porn” shot to get more quantity of fish that is tender.

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