Lot 10 Hutong – Kuala Lumpur

Lot 10 Hutong
Lot 10 Hutong

Lot 10 Hutong is a special type of food court. Gathered under one roof are some of the country’s most famous hawker stalls to gather under one roof.

With a centralized location, diners don’t have to trek all over the city to try great hawker stall food. Yes, prices are a bit higher, but still very reasonable.

Penang Famous
Prawn Mee

First up was Penang Famous and their Prawn Mee, which is a noodle soup. Egg noodles are swimming in a dark broth, which looks kind of spicy at first glance but is not. In addition to the prawns, there are slices of pork and bean sprouts. A good solid dish.

Kong Tai
Singapore Hokkein Prawn Noodle

Next up was Kong Tai and their Singapore Hokkein Prawn Noodle. While somewhat similar to the Prawn Mee, this was not soup based and the overall dish is “paler” in color. Although not a dry noodle dish by any stretch, the dish contains both egg and wide rice noodles. Although there were chili’s in this dish, it was lacking in the heat department, and somewhat lacking in overall flavor as well.

Lot 10 Hutong offers diners many choices, and has an interesting set up as well. Instead of being designed like a normal food court, “stalls” seem to be situated somewhat haphazardly and is like going through a maze. For a chance to try some of the country’s most famous hawker food under one roof, a trip to Lot 10 Hutong should be in the mix.

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