Ten Kichi Ya – Tempura – Tokyo

Ten Kichi Ya

Ten Kichi Ya is a tempura restaurant, located in the Shinjuku Nomura Building. The lower level of the building is filled with different restaurants. Being located in an office building where competition is tough, prices are very reasonable.

English Menu

The restaurant is fairly good sized. Menus are also available in English.

Upon being seated, I was quickly greeted by a waitress who was very friendly and spoke excellent English.

I went with the Ten Kichi bowl (¥1000) which came with 4 shrimp, cod, squid, egg, green beans, and eggplant. The meal was also served with a bowl of miso soup.

Miso Soup

The miso soup was very good on a fairly cool night.

Tempura Bowl

The tempura bowl was a sight to behold. The tempura was piled very high and was cooked very well. The shrimp remained tender and sweet. The amount of cod was very generous and nicely cooked. The egg was cooked very well, and the yolk remained runny and luscious. The tempura is topped with a slightly sweet sauce.

The amount of food is very generous. The food is very good, service was friendly, and the price can’t be beat.

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