Bake Cheese Tart

Another Hokkaido based confection is Bake Cheese Tart. Since Hokkaido is well known for its dairy products, it almost comes as no surprise that another dairy based dessert comes from this region.

Baked Constantly

Throngs of people line up to get their hands on these bite sized mini-cheesecake like desserts. These are so popular that they are constantly being made.

Waiting Pastries

When straight out of the oven the filling takes on a semi-liquid type consistency which many people say is much better than after the filling has set.

Almost There

Like most Japanese pastries, the sweetness level is toned way down. The cheesecake filling is the star here and it is light, fluffy and has a tangy, citrus finish. The crust should not be overlooked either, as it has a nice crunchy finish to complement the rich and creamy filling.


It would probably be worth braving any lines there may be in order to get your hand on these. They also pack them in boxes that are like mini-freight cars with a compartment for each cheese tart so they won’t get crushed or smashed.

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