Basyliszek Restaurant – Warsaw


Basyliszek Restaurant is located in the Old Town section of Warsaw with a menu focused on Polish dishes, but the menu is also somewhat eclectic.


The meal began with a complimentary basket of bread, which came with a cheese spread, and a pate of sorts. Both were pretty good.

Chicken Wings

The Chicken Wings was not the prettiest of presentations, but the wings were meaty and cooked well. The skin was crisp, while the meat was still tender and moist.

Mushroom Soup

The Cream of Polish Mushroom Soup was nice and earthy. It was topped with something akin to croutons which added a nice textural contrast. The soup was not completely smooth, which added a rustic feel.

Chicken Soup

The Chicken Noodle Soup had a light chicken stock, which contained a mountain of noodles and carrots. The soup was a little on the salty side, but overall satisfying.

Roasted Duck

The Roasted Duck was a very large portion, covered in an orange cranberry sauce. The duck was cooked to a nice medium, but the leg was a little tough. The dish was served with an ample side of beet salad, which was sweet and earthy; roasted potatoes which were creamy in the middle and a little crunchy on the outside.


The Schnitzel was very large and covered the entire plate. The outside was crisp, while the inside remained juicy. A squeeze of lemon helped to brighten up the dish, and cut down on the richness at the same time. The dish was unconventionally served with French Fries, which could have been a little crisper.

Creme Brulee

The Crème Brulee was served with a side of strawberry sauce. The glassy, crunchy bruleed sugar was missing, as this didn’t contain enough sugar and wasn’t torched long enough. The actual custard was nice and creamy, but without the shattering sugar topping was a bit of a letdown.

Portions here are very large. Service was somewhat inconsistent, as it went through periods of being very attentive to times of disappearance.

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