Isla Massage & Spa – Warsaw

Isla Massage & Spa

In the little strip mall next to the Intercontinental Warsaw, and in the same center as Mleczarnia Jerozolimske, sits a hidden gem, Isla Massage and Spa.

They have signs on both sides of the center, and we kept passing them several times per day. The day before we checked out of the Intercontinental Warsaw, we decided to check it out and find out more about Filipino massages, since I had never had one before.

Unfortunately, they were booked for that day, but we were able to secure appointments the following day for a 90 traditional Hilot Filipino massage.

Waiting Room

The waiting room is small, but very clean and well decorated.

Massage Room
Massage Room

The massage rooms are big, but well decorated and a sense of peace and calms comes over you as you settle in. We decided to get a couples massage, and there is a sliding partition that is opened for couple massages, and closed for privacy.

The 90-minute massage was a great experience. The masseuse had very strong hands, and was professional throughout. At some points it was similar to a Thai massage as she began to stand on my back and stretch me like a pretzel.

This was one of the best massages I’ve had in my life. I only wish we would have stopped by sooner, so we could have done this daily. The massage was about $35 with tip, so a real bargain.

If back in Warsaw, Isla will be part of my daily routine.

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