Comme Chez Soi – Budapest

Comme Chez Soi is a highly regarded restaurant in Budapest. In fact, it is rated the #1 restaurant by Trip Advisor.

We were in the area and decided to see if we could walk-in. We went at an off time so was hoping that would increase the chances of getting a table.

We were met by the owner Roberto, who told us to come back in 15 minutes at which time he should have a table waiting for us.

The interior is rather small, and the décor is rather busy. Tables are pushed closely together, but given how popular this restaurant is it is not surprising.


The meal started off with a complimentary half glass of wine, which was a generous offer.

Caprese Salad

We started with their version of Caprese Salad. Thick slices of tomato were topped with large chunks of mozzarella and a basil pesto. This was paired with slices of ham. The presentation was sort of clunky, but the taste was good.


Next were Croquettes stuffed with cheese. They were nice and crisp on the outside, and melting with gooey goodness on the inside. This was paired with a fried herb salad of sorts.

French Onion Soup

The French Onion Soup was presented differently than the normal crock covered by bubbling, and slightly browned cheese. This was served in a large flat bowl with a cheese raft floating in the middle. The soup was lacking the strong onion flavor with the undertones of a good beef stock. The onions were not deeply caramelized which I think contributed to that lack of depth of flavor.

Spaghetti Bolognese

The Spaghetti Bolognese was a thick pile of al dente noodles, smothered in meat sauce. The spaghetti was cooked well, and the sauce was good but could have used a little bit more salt for my taste. Overall, a good dish.

Pasta Trio

The trio of pasta, is a dish served with 3 types of pasta each with a different sauce. There is tortellini with parma ham and cream sauce. The tortellini were cooked nicely, and bathed in a thick cream sauce giving the pasta a punch of richness. The next pasta is penne all arrabiata which is pasta in a tomato sauce. This helped to cut down the richness of the tortellini and the next pasta, which was tagliatelle with mushroom cream sauce. The earthiness of the mushrooms helped to cut down on the richness of the sauce. This is a good option for those who are somewhat undecided on what to order as you can sample several different items from the menu all at once.


A lemon intermezzo followed, which was fresh and acidic, but just a touch too sweet for an intermezzo. The sweetness lingered on the tongue rather than waking up your taste buds.

Chocolate Cake

The Chocolate Sponge Cake with vanilla ice cream was a rather large dessert. The cake was rather dense and moist, which was offset to a point with the blueberry sauce and whipped cream.


The Tiramisu was also a rather large portion. The tiramisu was heavy handed on the espresso and rum, making it more to my liking, LOL. This barely allowed for the dessert to hold its shape. The dish was also a little heavy handed on the cocoa powder, but as a chocolate lover I didn’t mind.


The meal ended with a couple of chocolates for the road.

Service was excellent throughout the meal. Roberto is a very personable guy, and tries his best to make everybody feel at home and welcomed.

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