George Prime Steak – Prague

George Prime Steak is one of the best restaurants in all of Prague, and probably its best steak house. We were in the neighborhood and took a chance by walking in. Luckily, it was sort of early. They were able to seat us, but gave us a time two-hour time limit in when to finish the meal. That seemed like a reasonable amount of time, as we weren’t sitting down for a 10 course tasting menu.


The meal started off with an impressive bread basket, which required to containers. The was a generous amount of butter topped with black salt.

Bone Marrow

The Herb & Lemon Crusted Roasted Veal Bone Marrow (~$13) came with a whopping three bones, that had a nicely brown crust. The bone marrow was like a fatty Jell-O, quivering with rich goodness. The dish was served with toasted crostini and an onion jam, which helped to offset the richness of the bone marrow.

Shrimp Cocktail

The Chilled Jumbo Black Tiger Shrimp Cocktail (~$13) appeared to be more style over substance. The shrimp were served in cups made out of ice to retain temperature and texture, but only covered a small portion of the shrimp. The shrimp remained tender demonstrating expert cooking. The ice containers also contained the cocktail sauce, which tasted like ketchup and was missing the heat that horseradish would provide. Rather than having a fancy presentation, I’d much rather have another shrimp, LOL.

Beet Salad

The Roasted Beet Salad (~$10) contained both red and golden beets. They were soft, yet sill retained some firmness. The salad was served with grapefruit segments and goat cheese with a champagne vinaigrette. The grapefruit segments were too large and added too much acidity at once. The goat cheese was nice and creamy. There were also pistachios which added a nice crunchy texture.

Lobster Bisque

The Lobster Bisque (~$11) came with an impressive dome of puff pastry, which was light as a feather. The bisque was bursting with lobster goodness, and finished off with a nice hint of sherry.


The Porterhouse for Two (~$72) was 34 oz. and was carved tableside. The steaks are wet aged, so not as nutty as a dry aged steak would be. The strip steak side had a nice fat cap, while the filet side was rather large and very tender. The steak was cooked to a nice medium rare, if not a tad underdone. The steak had a nice beefy flavor, but I thought it was rather comical to be eating steak in Europe that came from the U.S.

Black Truffle Mac & Cheese

The Black Truffle Mac & Cheese (~$5.50) was made with large shells which served as cups for the super cheesy and creamy sauce. There were only small shavings of truffle however. The dish was way too rich to finish, but was very good.

Roasted Beets

As beet fanatics, the Sugar Roasted Beets with Aged Balsamic (~$4) were perfectly cooked and sweet. The balsamic added a brightness to the dish. This was probably the lightest dish of the night.

Chocolate Volcano

The Vanuari Noir Chocolate “Volcano” (~$8) was like a large raspberry filled chocolate truffle, which was served tableside and warm chocolate ganache was poured over the top to add to the decandance of the dish. There were crushed almond biscuits to provide a nice crunch, with some fresh raspberries to make this a healthy dish.


The meal ended with some chocolates but we were too full to eat.

George Prime Steak is a great restaurant. Service was attentive, but not pushy throughout the meal. The food was excellent. Although pricey by Prague standards, this meal would be considered very reasonable back in California.

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