Pasta Fresca – Prague

Pasta Fresca is located near the Old Town Square, and not too far from the Boscolo Hotel.

The size of the restaurant is quite deceiving from the outside. When looking inside, there is a narrow hallway of tables, but the downstairs of the restaurant is immense. The décor of the restaurant upstairs is rather casual, but downstairs the restaurant is clean, and decorated in a somewhat homely manner as there are prints on the walls with shelves of books, wine bottles and knick knacks.


The meal started out with some bread and fruity olive oil. The bread had a nice crust but was nice and soft inside.


The minestrone soup contained a lot of fresh vegetables, and had a bright tomato finish. The added cheese added a layer of salt and depth.


The Calamari and Baby Octopus was tender and well cooked. There were some char marks on the seafood adding a slight but welcome bitterness to the dish. The serving size was very generous.

Butternut Squash

The Butternut Squash soup was nice and thick, and finished with pumpkin oil. The soup had a creamy texture, and sweet finish. The soup was topped with seasoned croutons which added a textural contrast.


The Grilled Salmon was a generous portion topped with a butter and caper sauce. The salmon was well cooked and remained moist with a nice crusty exterior. The cauliflower was slightly charred but retained its crunchy texture. The roasted potatoes were also nicely cooked with a slightly crunchy exterior, and creamy interior. The spinach was just slightly wilted and maintained a lot of its texture.


The Tortellini with Butter and Sage was a slight variation of the burnt butter with sage sauce. As the butter was not burnt, it was missing that slight nuttiness. The tortellini were rather large and well cooked. The past was cooked to a nice al dente, with the richness of the sauce and bite from the sage providing perfectly complimenting flavors.

Chocolate Cake

The Chocolate Cake with Cranberry Mousse was very rich and creamy. The cake was dense, as it contained little, if any, flour. The richness was offset by the cranberry mousse, which was actually just a sauce. Normally, chocolate is paired with raspberry, but the cranberry added a different layer of tartness and acidity. The sauce was not very sweet, so it did provide a stark contrast in flavors.


The Tiramisu was a take on the classic dessert. It was a bit more “wet” than it should have been as it was slightly leaking on the bottom. The dessert was bursting with flavors, and the coffee, chocolate, mascarpone and alcohol could be discerned. The melding of flavors was a great way to end the meal.

Hot Chocolate

The Hot Chocolate was very thick, dense and chocolatey. It basically tasted like melted chocolate, and was not too sweet. It was served with almond biscotti which was super crunchy, and perfect for dipping.


The cappuccino was perfectly made, and a way wake you up from your food coma.

Service was very attentive throughout the meal, even though the restaurant was rather busy. The food was excellent, prices were reasonable although a bit expensive for Prague, but very well worth it.

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