La Bodeguita De Medio – Prague

La Bodeguita Del Medio is a fairly highly rated Cuban restaurant in Prague according to Tirp Advisor. We were in the neighborhood, so decided to check it out. The restaurant feels very cramped and “busy” as there are decorations and graffiti adorning every square inch of the walls.

The restaurant is also a club, cigar bar, and who knows what else.


The Daily Special, which came highly recommended, was a long platter with four small compartments. In one compartment was an arugula salad, with a nice citrus dressing. Two compartments contained calamari and baby octopus. The seafood was tender, but would have added another layer of flavor if it had been grilled. The final compartment contained squid ink risotto, which just tasted like black rice. There was no hint of butter, cheese, or the slight “fishiness” associated with squid ink.


The Beef Tenderloin was seasoned with salt, rosemary and garlic, and came with a salsa verde, which was not all that hot. The steak was cooked to a nice medium, and had a nice char. The steak was lacking any real beefy flavor though. The potatoes were nice and tender, and had a slightly creamy texture.

Roasted Bananas

The Roasted Banana with Pineapple, was flambéed with Cuban rum, caramel, green pepper and came with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. The bananas were nice cooked with the skin on, were nicely soft and had a nice crunchy, sugar topping. The caramel sauce had a nice kick of rum, while the green pepper corns added a nice kick.

The food was decent, except for the special. The restaurant is very loud, noisy and busy. Service was rather lackluster even though the restaurant was fairly quiet as we went at an off time. Based on this visit, I don’t think La Bodeguita Del Medio lived up to the hype.

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