Pivovarska Starobrno – Brno, Czech Republic

Pivovarska Starobrno is the local brewery, however, it has been bought out by Heineken so it is no longer the “local” brewery that it sets out to be.

The brewery also has a restaurant which is quite large. Upon entering the dining room is to the left. There are tables along one side of the wall that up a set of stairs to more tables. There are additional tables in the center of the dining room. Heading down a set of stairs leads to the main bar. The lighting fixtures are rather creative and make use of empty Starbrno bottles.

Sauerkraut Soup

The Sauerkraut Soup has a deep red hue studded with drizzles of sour cream. The soup is hearty and rich, and is loaded with pickled cabbage as the name suggests. The soup contains large mushrooms and potatoes, which give the soup an earthy flavor. The soup has a slightly sour finish from the sauerkraut. This was a very good dish, and would gladly order it again.

Caesar Salad

The Caesar Salad contains fresh, crunchy romaine lettuce with homemade croutons and loads of parmesan cheese. The salad contained a generous amount of grilled chicken which was tender. The dressing had hints of anchovy, but there was way too much dressing and overpowered the salad.

Foie Gras

The Foie Gras was nicely seared on both sides, but since the slices were somewhat thin were slightly overcooked. It retained the rich, creamy, fatty texture however. The grilled apples added some sweetness to combat the richness of the foie.


The Goulash contained very tender chunks of beef, but my main complaint was there wasn’t much meat served. There was some carb overload as the dish was served with two potato pancakes, which were nice and crunchy, as well as bread. The dish was only lukewarm, so a bit of a disappointment. The sauce was also slightly bitter, which may be from too much paprika?

Beer Sponge-Biscuit Tiramisu

The Beer Sponge-Biscuit Tiramisu was a take on the classic dish, served in a rustic fashion in a beer glass. The tiramisu had a hint of sour cream which gave the dish a slight tang. The dish was very good overall, but was somewhat misleading as the beer could not be discerned.


The Pancakes with Lemon Sour Cream were unlike American pancakes. These looked like small hockey pucks, and was more reminiscent of a biscuit, but was a little lighter and fluffier. The cinnamon butter was light but not very spicy. The blueberries were plentiful, but not very sweet. The dish was good, but unusual when thinking of “pancakes”. This dessert was not very sweet despite all of the sweet components.

Pivovarska Starobrno is maybe the most “commercial” restaurant in Brno outside of KFC, but they do serve some good food at reasonable prices in a nice, relaxed atmosphere.

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