Flavors – Brno, Czech Republic

Flavors is an Indian restaurant near the city center in Brno. It is probably the most popular Indian restaurant, both because of location and menu/price. The lunch buffet is roughly $5 USD.

The restaurant is fairly small, and gets packed during lunch. During our visit we fortunately did not have to wait long before being seated, but food was being gobbled up by patrons as soon as something was brought out, and it sometimes took a long time before food was brought out.

Lentil Soup

The lentil soup was on the watery side, but still had a lot of flavor. It was nicely spiced but would have been more enjoyable if a little thicker and heartier.


The Samosas were nicely fried and remained crisp. The vegetable filling was nicely seasoned. The mint chutney was very colorful and bright, and reminded me of a Shamrock shake.


The Papadums were nicely crisp, but a little on the oily side. They were ingrained with many spices which added a kick of flavor.

Papadum Side

We also ordered a side of Papadums which came adorned with tomatoes, cucumbers and onions. The vegetables added a freshness and another layer of flavor.

Butter Chicken

The Butter Chicken was not heavily spiced and lacked any real depth of flavor. Perhaps since they were trying to get as much food out as quickly as possible, this did not give the dish enough time to develop any flavor.

Chicken TIkka

The Chicken Tikka had a strong tomato flavor but was lacking in the real punch of spice that Indian food is known for.


The Naan was made right at the buffet station. As with all of the other food, as soon as they came out they were snatched by hungry patrons. The naan was on the thicker side, and had very little oil on top to provide much flavor.

Based on this visit, Flavors did not live up to its name. The food coming out of the kitchen could not keep up with demand. I am sure that this caused a suffering in food quality. If the restaurant is busy like this everyday, then the management needs to do a better job of anticipating food needs and preparation.

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