Satyam – Brno, Czech Republic

Satyam is an Indian restaurant that is fairly close to the Holiday Inn, which is an area seriously lacking in eating establishments. It is about a 5-minute walk from the hotel. Brno is lacking in quality ethnic restaurants.

The restaurant is rather dim, even during the day. Furnishings are rather drab, and way past its prime.

The restaurant has daily specials, which are very reasonably priced at under $4.

Butter Chicken

The butter chicken was unlike any other I’ve had before. The dish was very heavily spiced, but not hot. It was also slightly sweet. The slices of ginger added a “medicinal” flavor.

Chicken Vindaloo

The chicken vindaloo is known for being a rather hot and spicy dish. The dish was a deep mahogany color, but was not bursting with the level of heat that I was anticipating.

Cheese Rice

The cheese rice sounds great on the outside, but is basmati rice mixed with paneer. Although basmati rice is fragrant, the addition of paneer does not add a lot of flavor.


The naan bread was very thick and tough. Perhaps it had been sitting out for a while, but it was not the soft, pliable type of naan that I am used to.

Although convenient if staying at the Holiday Inn, the meal was rather disappointing even at the nice price point.

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