Kabaret Spacek – Brno, Czech Republic

Kabaret Spacek

Kabaret Spacek is located somewhat near the Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul. The restaurant is on the smaller side, and has a cozy atmosphere. It is located near some of the schools so many students tend to patronize this place.


The food is an eclectic mixture of different cultures, which is sometimes hard to pull off. Restaurants have a hard time specializing in one type of cuisine so branching out to many other different cuisines makes it even more of a challenge.

Pan Fried Dumplings

The Pan Fried Dumpling tasted like store bought dumplings that had been coated then fried. They were mixed in with bacon and onions, and served with a massive amount of pickles. As the dumplings did not taste freshly made, this detracted from the dish.



The beef dish came with several slices of beef that were fall apart tender, and served with a nice gravy. It came with a generous side salad that was full of fresh produce. The dish was also served with rice.


The burger came with bacon and a large chili pepper, stem and all, with lettuce and caramelized onions. The burger was quite tasty, however it would have been better if the chili was cut into smaller pieces for better coverage of the burger, and without the stem. It was served with a small side salad, and roasted potatoes, which were nice and creamy inside.

Pound Cake

The pound cake has a somewhat interesting presentation. The pound cake was bake in a bundt type pan, but oddly the dessert contained 1 ½ little cakes rather than just one or two. The pound cake was sitting inside of puddle of crème anglaise with berries and a generous dollop of whipped cream. The pound cake was somewhat dense as you would expect, but not dry.


The pancakes were served with bananas and chocolate. When ordering the dish, the waiter described something more akin to a thicker crepe so actually having pancakes was surprising. The pancakes were fluffy but a tad dry. They would have been better if the dough was sweeter, but this may have been a Czech recipe.

Kabaret Spacek is a great little neighborhood spot. The burgers are what seem to have put them on the map, along with very reasonable prices and good service.

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