Steak House Highlander – Brno, Czech Republic

The Steak House Highlander is one of the more highly regarded restaurants in Brno. If you haven’t guessed by now, beef is readily available at very reasonable prices. Many restaurants in Eastern Europe claim to have Argentinian beef, which is one of the more flavorful steaks in the world.

The Steak House Highlander is located in the old town, and is probably a one minute walk from Zlata Lod restaurant.

Upon entering, you must go down a narrow and somewhat winding staircase. The restaurant is rather dim, and feels like you are entering a cave.


The salad with chicken and mushrooms was rather flavorful. I was surprised to find fairly fresh looking lettuce. The salad was a bit overdressed, but my main concern was that the chicken and mushrooms were still hot when placed on top of the salad, immediately wilting most of the greens.


The French Onion Soup was a rather rustic version of the classic French dish. Instead of bread, croutons were sprinkled over the top of the soup, and cheese barely covered half of the dish. It appeared that the cheese had been melted in a microwave, rather than gobs of gooey cheese with a nice brown crust that would have been gotten by the broiler.


The Beef Tenderloins were cooked rather nicely, medium rare and medium. There was a nice crust on the steaks, and they were properly rested to maintain all of the juices. A very small side salad was served along with a mushroom type sauce.

Green Beans

The green beans tasted “off” as they were cooked in what tasted like rancid bacon fat. Obviously not a good sign.

Bananas Foster

The Bananas Foster was fairly well executed, with the exception of one missing ingredient: ice cream. The bananas were nicely warmed and still a little firm. There was plenty of sauce surrounding the bananas, and the chef was heavy handed with the rum, always a good thing, right? Without ice cream though, the dessert didn’t feel complete.

With limited restaurant options in Brno, I can somehow see how the Steak House Highlander is highly regarded, as it is one of the few “nice” restaurants that are not loaded with classic Eastern European dishes. Is it a must try place? With the execution problems, I would probably take a pass if I were to come to the area again. One thing should be noted is that the restaurant is cash only.

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