Zlata Lod – Brno, Czech Republic

Zlata Lod is restaurant/brewery located in the old town section of Brno near the astronomical clock. The ground level is where the bar is located and can be very noisy at times.

We were seated downstairs, which was much more quiet. Smoking is allowed in all bars and restaurants in Brno, so that may be an issue no matter where you go.

Red Bean Soup

The Red Bean Soup with Smoked Rib ($2.50) was a hearty soup with very tenderful meat. The soup did not have any real distinct flavor but was very satisfying on a cold night. It is served with a dollop of sour cream.

Beef Boullion

The Strong Beef Boullion ($2.50) is a clear beef broth with chunks of rib meat, homemade noodles and root vegetables. The soup was good, but a little on the salty side. It had a good beefy flavor.


The Meatloaf ($4.15) was served as an appetizer. The meatloaf was a little on the dry side and dense. Served with toasted bread did not lighten up the dish any. The pickled vegetables did add some brightness to the dish, which was okay when everything was eaten together.

Spanish Beef Roll

The Spanish Beef Roll ($7.10) was not very appealing on the outside. It is roast beef stuffed with pickles, cucumbers, egg, bacon and sausage served with a side of rice. The roast beef was good but a bit on the dry side. The gravy helped to keep the dish moist and added an extra layer of flavor. The vegetables were pickled to add a nice acidic punch.

Chicken Schnitzel

The Fried Chicken Schnitzel ($6.25) was lighter than your normal schnitzel which is made with either pork or veal. The schnitzel was fried to a crispy golden brown, and served with roasted lemon to give a more intense lemon punch.

The food at Zlata Lod is one of the better places that we ate during our stay in Brno. The bar atmosphere was also very lively and seems to be one of the more popular places in town.

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